Wednesday, 26 December 2018


HOPE - an Educational NGO in Pakistan is making every effort in eliminating the illiteracy rate in Pakistan; HOPE is continuously striving its best to provide education for all especially the underprivileged masses. Hence most of Hope’s educational centers are located in the slum areas of Pakistan where there is lack of schools.

HOPE- an NGO in Pakistan not only focuses on academic activities but also gives great emphasis on extra-curricular activities, which includes taking children on field trips, exhibitions, fun fares concerts etc. The children living in slum areas do not get the opportunities to visit these fun places. Recently the Family Educational Services Foundation (FESF) hosted its 14th Children’s Benefit Concert at PAF Museum, Karachi.  The concert was a free benefit musical show and fun morning for children with special needs.  Approximately 4000 children from over 40 different institutions and schools all over Karachi were invited for this concert. The students of HOPE school Zia colony were also invited to this fun filled event.  The goal of this program was to provide an entertaining and memorable experience to the children who need special care, love and encouragement. 20 students from HOPE Zia School were invited at the FESF concert; they were accompanied by two representatives from HOPE’s head office, along with 2 teaching faculty members from HOPE School Zia Colony.

 FESF is a non-profit, educational organization carrying out its services in Pakistan since 1984. Its mission is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the society, especially those who are disabled. TV Host Faizan Haqqee launched the 3 hour event which featured exciting live performances by special guest artists Fuzon and Shazia Khushk. Additionally, a mime artist Muneeb-ur-Rehman and a blind singer Rahat entertained the children with fun and meaningful performances. The students of HOPE School Zia Colony were thrilled to watch all the performances held at the FESF annual concert.

The event was well organized. Great attention was given to the special children being served. At the end of the concert FESF served complimentary snacks, drinks and distributed goodie bags which brought a rise in the emotions and excitement of the Zia School students at the concert.  

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- a child specialist in Karachi looks forward to welcome any such organization which helps in providing an amusing and experiential activity to the children who need special care, love and encouragement in Pakistan.

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