Tuesday, 25 March 2014

HOPE reaches out to Thar drought and famine affectees

HOPE recently took the initiative to help the famine and drought ridden affectees of Tharparker. It was indeed a shock to the entire nation that their fellow citizens are facing such a devastating situation. It was reported that around 175,000 Thari families left their homes and went to other districts such as Mithi to find relief.  Around 135 died (Reports from Mithi hospital) because of various diseases caused by malnourishment, drought and famine. HOPE personnel found out that Tharparkar’s reservoirs were nearly all dry and the shortage of food is critical. It was also reported that the health facilities in the region are far from satisfactory and large numbers of livestock have also perished due to the severe climatic conditions.
HOPE a health NGO in Pakistan, quickly mobilized its resources and gathered information by conducting a basic survey to make sure that relevant materials reach to the affectees of Tharparker. HOPE, an NGO in Pakistan, went to district Mithi to distribute relief materials to the famine and drought ridden Thari families. Around 500 ration bags comprising various items such as dry milk, flour, oil, sugar, pulses and rice were distributed among the affectees. Free of cost medical camps were established where the doctors carried out checkups and distributed free of cost medicines to around 400 patients. 50 Water coolers along with 2000 P&G purifier of water sachets were also distributed among the elderly affectees.

Dr. MubinaAgboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi, was also part of the team which carried out medical camps and distributed ration items. She made sure that ration is distributed among deserving individuals and families.  HOPE is particularly thankful to individuals and organizations that helped HOPE in its efforts to provide support to the famine and drought affectees of Tharparker. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Relief Appeal For Drought and Famine ridden Affectees of Thar

Around 175,00. Thar families have left their homes, heading towards other districts and around 135 have been reported dead {Reports from Mithi Hospital}. Tharparkar's water reservoirs are nearly all dry and the shortage of food is critical. What is more, the health facilities in the region are far from satisfacory. Large numbers of livestock have also perished due to the severe climatic conditions. Every living soul in Thar, no matter what age or gender,  is victim of this devastating drought and famine, ravaging the area. One can see the corpses of those who have died of hunger and thirst while carcasses of animals are scattered everywhere. Reports received from Diplo, Chhachro, Islamkot, Dahli and Nagarparkar suggest that many poor Thari families were moving to barrage areas along with their livestock. Relatives of the patients admitted to the hospital in Mithi complained that its administration was not providing medicines and they were forced to buy expensive drugs which are out of their reach.

It is reported that many lactating mothers in various parts of the province have been unable to produce milk for their children because of  poor diet, while there are chronic epidemic and pandemic diseases in the province. A human catastrophe looms over Sindh because of poor sewage systems, sanitation conditions, malnutrition and the unavailability of potable water and medicines in hospitals, dispensaries and basic health units. It is not as if the phenomenon of drought in Thar has come out of the blue; the region experiences drought every two to three years. Yet planning ahead for such extreme climatic conditions should have been state's priorities

At the moment what the community requires is dry ration, medicines and clean water. HOPE, an NGO in Pakistan, plans to provide relief in the affected region by providing free of cost medicines, setting up medical camps and distribution of food items. It is an open request to all organisations, individuals and communities to come forward and help people of Thar through HOPE's 
relief activities

It is the need of the hour to learn from this debacle and ensure such catastrophe does not occur again.

Friday, 7 March 2014

A Day spent Well- The Dolphin Show!

Children are always fascinated about going on field trips. “Field trips are a source of enjoyment and relaxation from the mundane routine” says Ahmed, an energetic and excited student of HOPE  school Zia Colony, Korangi.
This year P&G collaborated with HOPE an NGO in Pakistan by sponsoring a field trip to the most famous show in the town “The Dolphin Show”. It could be seen from the smiling faces of HOPE school students that they thoroughly enjoyed the show and were amazed by the maneuvers carried out by the mammals. Students were able to catch the dolphin jumping high, the beluga singing its heart out and the sea lion giving a stellar performance. Saad Amanullah Khan, CEO Gillette joined HOPE School students in this amazing event. Volunteers from HOPE as well from P&G took part in making this field trip a memorable one. 
About one hundred students attended this fun filled field trip. It was an hour filled with exciting and amazing acts carried out by dolphins and sea lions. The children who attended this field trip were from the underprivileged class who could not avail such opportunities on their own. One of the students when asked about the field trip exclaimed “I saw this on the news channel but I never thought I might be able to see this! “. Volunteers kept the students busy and at the end of the show distributed scrumptious lunch boxes to satiate the tired yet happy students of HOPE schools. 

Dr.Mubina Agboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi Chairperson HOPE, an educational NGO in Pakistan, lauded the efforts of P&G volunteers and is thankful to P&G for remembering students of HOPE schools while carrying out their CSR activities. She is of the view that such activities are an essential part of a student’s life. She hopes that other organizations will also come forward and spread smiles among HOPE’s students by giving them opportunities which are only available to the privileged class.