Monday, 12 November 2018


Sujawal is about 150 kilometers away from Karachi. It is a small village with hardly any proper houses. Resources are fewer as compared to the size of population. Sujawal is an absolute poverty stricken area where there aren't many healthcare or education facilities. People here are in literal sense the underserved population. HOPE Hospital Sujawal provides free treatment and medicines to the patients who can’t afford the treatment. This hospital is another milestone achieved in Sindh by HOPE - a Health NGO in Pakistan. It has been providing healthcare services for mothers and children since 10 years. The hospital has a fully functional operation theatre for surgeries, caeserian sections, normal deliveries, incubators etc.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla – a Child Specialist in Karachi, HOPE has established a general hospital in Sujawal. The hospital is run by the help of CDP (Community Development Program). It started working as a Basic Health Unit which later turned into a Secondary Care Unit. It's a 15 bedded Hospital. All emergency cases of Sujawal district are rerouted to HOPE's Hospital where patients are taken great care of. Initially the people were reluctant to adopt modern healthcare methods, but now their mindset has changed for better. Recent example of this is the case of Marvi who gave birth to a baby boy by normal delivery.

A woman named Marvi  has had obstetrical history of having 3 abortions. The 35 year old woman has been married for 7 years. During this period she conceived three times and every time it resulted in abortion. She never had the blessing of having a child of her own. In these pregnancies that resulted in abortion neither she booked herself for monthly checkup with a gynecologist nor did she have any pregnancy supported treatment. It made her so weak. She suffered with severe anemia and had hypertension. Her last abortion was three years ago after which she had conceived again recently. This time she came to HOPE Hospital Sujawal since the pregnancy began. It was a good decision in favor of her and her baby as the hospital provided her the best healthcare throughout her pregnancy. During early period of pregnancy she had regular antenatal visits and ultrasounds. She strictly followed the instructions given by Dr. Rehana, a highly qualified and experienced gynecologist at HOPE Hospital Sujawal. She was treated for anemia and high blood pressure. Every effort was made to make her pregnancy a normal one. Hence, she completed 9 months of pregnancy without any major difficulty. In this duration, she was given full treatment free of cost. Eventually she normally delivered a healthy baby without any risk of caesarian section at HOPE Hospital Sujawal. The baby boy weighed 3.5 kg. Marvi and her family continue to live happily now and are grateful to HOPE - an NGO in Pakistan for helping them out in times of despair.   

Monday, 5 November 2018


HOPE–an NGO in Pakistan through its network of formal schools in Karachi, provides quality education from pre-primary to secondary level. The students who are enrolled in these schools are from poor communities. They are children of low-income class of laborers, drivers, menial jobholders, street vendors etc. There are many students whose parents are jobless so they are unable to support their education. Some of these children are orphans. These children are unable to go to school because they are either working as laborers in factories, workshops, households; or keep loitering on the streets.

Under the supervision of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- a child specialist in Karachi, HOPE School Zia Colony has achieved a stable position in striving towards new opportunities and methodologies of teaching students more effectively. Through quality education they receive today, they will be capable of earning a living for themselves and their families, and become active citizens of the society in future. 

The pre-primary faculty of HOPE School Zia Colony has planned a surprise crown day for the students of Nursery and Kindergarten classes.  The teachers gave the kids a task to learn poems by heart. They were given adequate time to learn as they are so young. The activity was planned to encourage them to perform better by active participation in classroom activities. The activity was conducted as a verbal test in which the kids narrated the poems. The kids were rewarded a cutely designed crown made of colorful chart paper. Children under five years of age are often shy to speak confidently in front of people but that doesn’t make them less competent. The purpose of this activity was to motivate them and give them confidence, which will improve their skills required for the tasks ahead of them in future. The students’ response was tremendous. They were over the moon for getting crowned. Bright smile that appeared on their faces after getting this little reward was priceless.

Education promotes individual development and self-fulfillment, providing opportunities to develop one’s interests, talents and character for positive contribution to the society. It promotes social equity and responsibility. It should be inclusive, giving access to quality and differentiated education for everyone. Education teaches students to respect, appreciate and participate in the opportunities within the community. HOPE - an Educational NGO in Pakistan, is doing its best in order to eliminate the level of illiteracy in Pakistan. HOPE is constantly providing high quality education to all, while focusing more on the downtrodden masses. Thus, most of HOPE’s schools and vocational centers are set up primarily in rural areas and urban slums of Pakistan to give them equal opportunities as others.