HOPE has been a forerunner in providing health, educational and disaster assistance and relief to the needy and distressed across Pakistan since its creation in 1997. Within the field of health, HOPE’s primary goal is to increase access to preventive and curative healthcare for the poor by setting up emergency, primary and secondary care facilities in rural areas and urban slums. Currently, HOPE is running two hospitals in Karachi one in Thatta and one in Sujawal. CBut that is not all, HOPE has been extremely instrumental in providing invaluable tools to the general poor masses specially in rural Sindh, places like Thatta, Sujawal and Badin to earn reasonable means of income on a consistent basis to better their conditions and thus the conditions of the generations to come.DTop priority has been the flood affectees of Badin and Sujawal and every effort is being made continuously to rehabilitate them economically.B
To 16  small landowners of Sujawal economically handicapped in cultivating their lands on their own, high quality  wheat  seeds have been  provided with other technical assistance so that they become capable once again to earn their own livelihoods independantly.A
As a last phase of assistance to these 16 poor farmers of  Sujawal, urea was provided right on time of their need before their lands were watered again so that full benefit of the  whole process of  cultivation could be achieved with optimum results. The whole process is now complete and only the taking care of  the lands and timely watering of the fields remain. The wait will be for another 10 weeks before the crop matures for cutting.E
Chairperson of HOPE, Dr Mubina, a child specialist in Karachi will oversee the complete management and has accordingly instructed  the administrative staff of HOPE  in Badin and Sujawal. Chairperson of HOPE, Dr Mubina, a child specialist in Karachi, will be responsible for providing directives and instructions based on the master-plan worked out in  advance. And using its offices in Sujawal and Badin the administrative team will ensure a smooth running of the whole project to be able to  produce the best possible  results.