Tuesday, 16 May 2017

HOPE’s “P&G Purifier of Water” Activity

Clean drinking water is essential to the full enjoyment of life and all other Human Rights. Water as a human right is as much about the quality as it is about access. However, there are many areas in Pakistan where clean drinking water in inaccessible.

The United Nations considers universal access to clean water a basic human right, and an essential step towards improving living standards worldwide. Water-poor communities are typically economically poor as well, their residents trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty. Keeping this in mind, HOPE a Health NGO in Pakistan in collaboration with Procter & Gamble is making clean water accessible by distributing P&G Purifier of Water sachets to the door steps of poor families.

HOPE - an NGO in Pakistan, has assigned a team specifically for this project who visit different slum areas of Karachi three days a week and distribute water purifying kits and sachets along with the demonstration on how to use it correctly. The team visits 15 families in a day and 45 families per week. The target is to cater 1000 families in 8 months. Each family is provided a purifying kit that consists of:
  • ·         Cooler
  • ·         Bucket
  • ·         Muslin Cloth
  • ·         Spatula
  • ·         120 sachets

Under the leadership of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla – child specialist in Karachi, a monitoring sheet has also been prepared. On completion of one month, the team re-visits the families that they have visited in that month and monitors their health situation as well as the water they are using.

The aim is to benefit the community while making clean water accessible for all, hence, reducing the morbidities especially among children. In addition, this will also provide opportunity to improve standards of living while improving health status.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Dr Mubina Agboatwalla Delivers a lecture on “Healthcare Services Delivery - Challenges & Prospects” at National Institute of Management (NIM)

HOPE- an NGO in Pakistan, has been active in Pakistan since 1997. The organization is spearheaded by the dynamic leadership of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla-child specialist in Karachi and continuously strives to improve the health and educational disparity of the deprived community in the country.

Under the vigorous leadership of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla- child specialist in Karachi, most of the organization’s activities are focused primarily on the rural and urban slum areas of Pakistan. HOPE works extensively to provide quality education and health services, free of cost to the underprivileged masses.

Recognizing the work done by Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, she was invited as a guest speaker for 23rd Mid-Career Management Course for government officers in Grade 18 at National Institute of Management (NIM) Karachi. There were around 80 people who attended this course. The discussion topic of this course was "Healthcare Services Delivery - Challenges & Prospects". Her lecture included the following key points:
o   Management of Primary and Secondary healthcare facilities
o   Preventive healthcare viz-a-viz Curative Healthcare strategies
o   Short & Medium term measures to improve healthcare service
o   Role of private sector in optimizing service delivery

HOPE- a health NGO in Pakistan is an ardent believer of prevention over cure and the focus behind all its work is the concept of equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender or socioeconomic status. HOPE continues to play its part towards improving the living conditions for the deprived population of Pakistan, believing that the next Human Development Report will showcase improved statistics for the country. Moreover, Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla – child specialist in Karachi , always strives to contribute for the betterment of society not only through the NGO but also on individual level. She has been called for several seminars as a speaker to share her expert opinions and strategies to improve healthcare system in Pakistan.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Zia School Annual Function 2017

Pakistan is among the most densely populated countries in the world with a sizeable chunk of it been infiltrated by the genesis of illiteracy. Educational sectors are gaining grounds but most of them are confined within the boundaries of metropolitan cities only leaving behind the rural population in stagnation. Education is like an opportunity which breaks all the barriers and allows you to head into the modern world full of opportunities.

However, HOPE - an educational NGO in Pakistan, hopes to dismantle these deep roots of illiteracy which accounts for around half of the problems our country is facing today. The underprivileged masses have unfairly succumbed to poverty which doesn’t allow them to get accustomed to education. Thus, HOPE plans to establish a network of schools which provide free and quality education and helps students build an armor of confidence which allows them to hang onto their dreams and pursue it.  Thus, most of HOPE’s programs are focused primarily on the rural and urban slum areas of Pakistan. Under the leadership of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- child specialist in Karachi, HOPE has broaden its reach towards the masses lining in squalor, mainly focusing on girls to address the deplorable educational and social status of women in many cities of Pakistan.
Among other HOPE – an educational NGO in Pakistan, one of its school is located in Zia colony, Karachi, funded by Japanese embassy. The people living in this area come from a poor background and struggle to educate their children, given the expensive fee waivers the private schools unjustly ask for. Some of them are stuck at home and others end up winding at workshops or other places to earn and carry an entire burden of their family expenses. But now following the establishment of our school, almost all of the children resided in the community head to our door in hopes of getting quality education. They are also provided with provisions such as stationary, lunch boxes, books and copies for their feasibility, all of them being utterly free of cost.

The school accommodates approximately 700 students who constantly prove their potential by their outstanding academic performances throughout the year and also secure brilliant results in their board examinations. HOPE arranges annual functions to celebrate their success which encourage them to increase their potentials.

Different programs were held in which students presented skits which revolved around the importance of education. In addition, the students presented to the audience with many dance performances on educational themes and patriotic songs. The Japanese consulates were also invited to witness this brilliant event with happiness surrounding the atmosphere which also might have caused a flashback of this exquisite foundation all of which was laid by their generous funds at the first place.

Along with the skits and dance performances, the Japanese consulate, Youko Watanabay, Dr Jamil, Mr Amjad and Mr & Mrs Mazhar were there to hand out presents to students who excelled in their studies and extra-curricular activities, in the presence of  Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- child specialist in Karachi.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

P&G Conference in Lahore

P&G, the maker of the world renowned products such as Pampers, Always, Safeguard, Ariel and many more, has collaborated with Metro Cash and Carry and HOPE to provide clean drinking water to poor Pakistani communities resided across the rural areas in the country through its Children Safe Drinking Water (CSDW) program. On the occasion of World Water Day, P&G, Metro and Hope decided to come together to raise awareness about difficulties and possible consequences about the scarcity of water around the globe and bolstered up their ambitions to help save lives and provide pure water through CSDW program.
According to WHO statistics, around 1000 children succumb to their inners wounds everyday caused by drinking contaminated water and these numbers are massively staggering. Further inflicting more misery to this gut-wrenching fact is this nerve-racking comparison that these losses are more than the losses caused by HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. These statistics have been a massive let-down and hit us very close to something called heart. Moreover, diarrhea caused by drinking contaminated water is the main cause of death among infants and children in many countries including Pakistan. A press conference was held in Lahore, at Metro Cash & Carry, where all the 3 directing associates of the 3 aforementioned companies gathered and introduced their proposals which would provide water to an estimated 200,000 people for 4 months. HOPE - a health NGO in Pakistan plans to hit full-throttle to eliminate this water drought along with Metro and P&G and reach out to the inaccessible families being close to the destructive genesis of this deadly problem in Tharparkar, Northern Areas, Sindh and Punjab. Around 45 millions tiers of clean have been provided through the CSDW program.

Present in this occasion, Hope members demonstrated specific water purifying techniques to filter out our minds of any possibility of impurities lurking inside the water inevitably leading to fatal deaths and it turned out to be quite an amazing accomplishment which would help millions of people get access to clean water. The water purified was inspected by the officials of P&G and according to them, it was as pure as it gets. Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- Child Specialist in Karachi, owner of HOPE -  an NGO organization in Pakistan, further reached out to the officials and associates invited about how this water drought has been inflicting Pakistan for the past 25 years but if the owners remained steadfast in their commitment to wipe the problem out without any obstacles around the globe, the world water crisis would soon be eradicated from the face of this planet although at this point it does seem somewhat far-fetched. Following this convincing speech, she received an award from P&G’s executive as token of appreciation.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

HOPE Team's visit Muzaffargarh - Day 2

Day 1 at Muzaffargarh turned out to be quite successful which we didn’t anticipate, given our distrust about how the children who’ve never engaged in a competition before, would react. Moreover, the preparations of Day 2 were not lagging behind either. Firstly because we didn’t want the children to succumb to the banner of ‘left out’ merely because they were already engaged in the competition in the first day and on top of that, our main objective was to instill a keen sense of competition in the children during our stay. 

Our society has been embed with countless flaws since our inception and the lack of women empowerment has been the center of that. The rural population has a twisted perception about the rights of women and religion has been manipulated to brainwash the whole youth about the rights of women for decades. Women have always been confined to household works and to state that, when they do plan to march forward and deviate from the norms of the society, it wouldn't be an exageration to say that they are being terribly tormented. However,
HOPE- an educational NGO in Pakistan, plans to play an important role in this by recruiting as much female as possible.  Under the supervision of  Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- Child Specialist in Karachi HOPE would pay extra attention to carefully nourish the young generation from this deep root of terribly altered perception. Moreover, Since 2011 HOPE – an educational NGO in Pakistan is giving the children who mostly spend their time on the streets, a chance to receive basic education by opening a small school in the impoverished area of Muzzafargarh. 

Following the aftermath of the conduction of the speech about other matters and women empowerment by Dr Mubina Agboatwalla , another annual function was held in which students eagerly participated to present skits and dance performances for the audience. Gifts were generously distributed to the participators in recognition of their tiring efforts. In addition, arrangements were also made for an annual lunch which was held for all the staff members and the children of 
HOPE School Muzzaffargarh.

All of it momentarily seemed like a spectacle unfolded by the joyous atmosphere of the competition and the stunning celebrating gestures by the audience. Their signs of gratitude and hospitality somehow gave us a unique feeling nothing else in the world ever could.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

HOPE Team's visit Muzaffargarh - Day 1

Educational measures still haven’t been fully implemented by the government in the deprived areas. At this rate, the idea of practically educating the whole nation seems to be far-fetched because the progress hasn’t been made on a fast pace. Be it rural or urban, education has to be basic right for every children which will eventually pave the way for the solution of every problem our country has ever come across. Unfortunately, we’re still a mere fragment of what Jinnah wanted us to be.

HOPE – a health NGO in Pakistan, however plans to eradicate the deep roots of illiteracy plunged into our society under the leadership of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla – a child specialist in Karachi. This idea does at some extent seem to be kind of involuntary approach utterly infiltrated by idealism but it is the ideals that move a country forward.  HOPE’s effort to promote education deep into rural areas has not overlooked the city of Muzaffargarh located in southwestern Punjab, Pakistan. HOPE started a small school in 2011, sponsored by HOPE USA and HSBC bank. Like tiny bricks which lead to the foundation of a giant building in a passage of time, HOPE will make efforts to create a better environment for children.

Every year, HOPE – a NGO in Pakistan plans to visit these remote areas and inspect the educational development they strive for. The children eagerly wait for us to set foot in their villages, and then literally jump on us from all corners to express their gratitude with their lit-up faces. Its tiny gestures like these which alone make up for every pains taking effort we’ve put in.

HOPE Team went to Muzzaffargarh on a two day visit and received many welcoming gestures. The two day visit had a festive aura with cheers and laughter in the air. On the first day, the school had a sport festival, where a large number of students participated and performed brilliantly in all the sport activities. The fact that we could we see a unique strength and their determining participation overly justified the organizing of this event at the first place. The girls had their sights on the silverware too and they eagerly participated side by side with boys developing a keen sense of what a sports competition is really about. The aftermath of this enjoyable yet energy draining competition was of course the prize distribution ceremony with an amazing response from the audience. In addition, pencil boxes and lunchboxes were also distributed among the students as a reward for their participation. 

We often lose track of all the misery surrounding this world, given how fast-paced our lives have turned to be. However, it is these little amazing moments that help us caste off our armor of our own self-centered bubble and lets us embrace the gut-wrenching difficulties most of us have been through!