Tuesday, 24 February 2015

German Consulate’s Support To HOPE’s Thatta Hospital.

HOPE’s Thatta Hospital has become an important landmark in the city’s landscape as a provider of much-needed health care s not just for the residents of  Thatta  but also for the surrounding regions.  Specifically in the maternity, mother and child care sector. The need for qualified personnel, space and equipment is always on the increase.

Just when the urgent need for two particularly important medical equipment arose  {anesthesia machine and an  ultrasound machine }   - is when the German Consulate in Karachi stepped forward to offer HOPE with exactly the kind of support that was needed.

The German Consul,  Dr Tilo Klinner met with the HOPE team to determine exactly what  was  needed and very generously extended this  support in the form of financial  assistance for procurement of the two machines.

Not just HOPE but  all of Thatta is grateful to the German Consulate for the timely assistance which  has  greatly increased HOPE’s capacity to help the poor and needy of rural Thatta.

 Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, childspecialist in Karachi and chairperson of HOPE, has always focused in providing   better and increased health  facilities to the rural, poor people especially those of  Thatta and adjoining areas. Both the Ultrasound Machine and the Anesthesia Machine have been a very timely addition to HOPE’s hospital in Thatta as  an additional operation theatre is being established to increase the capacity of providing much-needed healthcare, specially to the women of that area.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

HOPE,P&G & Metro Stores: Clean Drinking Water For IDP’s Of KPK

Although HOPE, a health oriented NGO, with assistance of its esteemed partners P&G and METRO Stores  has relentlessly worked in rural areas of Sindh and Punjab to provide pure drinking water and thus safe-guard the health of the general population,  ventured into the internally displaced persons’ camps of Jalozai in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  and set up several  stations in different locations to  demonstrate the usage of P&G’s purifier of water and to advise its short and long term  health-benefits.
It goes without saying that the one major reason for all kinds  of diseases rampant in rural Pakistan is because of dirty, contaminated and often toxic water that people are forced to consume.DSC03055 Healthy, pure, clean water is not accessible to them specially in the IDP camps.DSC03182
This relief expedition  intiated by Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, child specialist inKarachi and chairperson of HOPE, was of great importance as a very  vast population approximately 50-60,000 based just in the Jalozai camp was  targeted for not just providing emphasis and awareness of the health benefits of consuming pure, clean water and how this could save them from many life-threatening diseases but also provide them with demonstrations in proper use of P&G’s purifier of water  and proper filtration procedures. DSC03196For demonstration and awareness two selected  areas with very large population were targeted  and proper use of the P&G water purifier sachets were explained in full details .DSC03206
A very large number of water buckets, water coolers along with thousands of sachets of P&G’s purifier of water were distributed amongst the population free of charge, as per instructions and directions of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi.DSC02969DSC03061

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

HOPE’s Maternity Hospital, Zia Colony : Life-saving Complicated Operation Performed Saving Lives Of A Three Month Pregnant Woman & Her Unborn Child.

Moving ahead daringly in providing  the best possible maternity assistance to the needy  residing in areas  where poor,  low-income  population of the  city resides, HOPE   a  health oriented NGO in Pakistan has always taken courageous strides in finding solutions to complicated issues which require immediate and urgent decision-making backed by outstanding medical expertise.
A three month pregnant woman in need of dire and urgent maternity help was  admitted at HOPE’s Zia Colony Hospital . After initial checking  HOPE’s  experienced gynaecologist  surgeon Dr Afshan discovered that  not only the life of this three month pregnant woman was in grave danger but also that of  her unborn child.  One of her ovaries was almost completely enveloped by  a very large cyst that was constantly growing and with the passing of each day further endangering the foetus.
A quick decision was imperative on a war footing. HOPE   a  health oriented NGO in Pakistan  keeps very experienced doctors in its team at all its hospitals to make just this kind of decision and then take immediate, appropriate,  and  relevant action to prevent any loss of life.  In this case Dr Afshan moved very quickly after  confirmation that her  diagnosis was absolutely correct. She prepared  for  a very serious operation to remove  the cyst infested  ovary and  make absolutely sure that no raptures occurred which would be absolutely fatal for both mother and child.
The patient and her family was advised that such an operation although dangerous was absolutely necessary to at least save the life of the mother and if possible also the life of the  three  month old foetus. It was indeed a very risky and dangerous operation but Dr Afshan  performed it very skillfully and as it turned out,  to the joy of the patient and her family and also the HOPE team everything, by the good grace of God, went well. Both the mother and her three month foetus were saved.
HOPE’s team was  personally congratulated by Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, Chairperson of HOPE and child specialist in Karachi, and all the information related to this successful operation was shared with all the hospitals of HOPE.
The patient and her family were  very grateful to Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, Chairperson of HOPE and child specialist in Karachi, for  maintaining such efficient units and for keeping such competent teams of doctors and other technical staff.