Monday, 24 November 2014

HOPE’s Home Schools: Two Schools adopted by Fahim’s Education System

Of  the  two hundred home schools run by HOPE, two have been very generously  adopted by Fahim’s  Education System. These two schools are located in Bhittaiabad, the very outskirts of the city, an area where low income, poor population  dwells in a very large number   -  where schools are non-existent  and the need is very urgent.  HOPE, an educational  NGO in Pakistan has always  taken bold steps to eradicate illiteracy wherever possible and it is for this very reason that  HOPE, an educational NGO in Pakistan has set up formal, semi formal and home schools to regions  as diverse and far flung as Muzaffargarh, southern Punjab and to the very  far northern reaches of Pakistan, the mountains of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.
As  always Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, Chairperson of HOPE and child specialist in Karachi has been the driving force in setting up these schools and in ensuring they are successfully and efficiently run  - which is why these schools have been so popular in the areas where they have been established and enrollment of students have been increasing constantly. 
Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, Chairperson of HOPE and child specialist in Karachi  has always maintained that the education provided to the children of HOPE’s home schools  should be of excellent quality and all reading materials, such as books etc  are all free of cost.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

HOPE’s Distribution Of Wheat & Sunflower Seeds To The Very Poor, Flood Affected Farmers Of Sujawal & Badin.

HOPE has been a forerunner in providing health, educational and disaster assistance and relief to the needy and distressed across Pakistan since its creation in 1997. Within the field of health, HOPE’s primary goal is to increase access to preventive and curative healthcare for the poor by setting up emergency, primary and secondary care facilities in rural areas and urban slums. Currently, HOPE is running two hospitals in Karachi one in Thatta and one in Sujawal. But that is not all, HOPE has been extremely instrumental in providing invaluable tools to the general poor masses specially in rural Sindh, places like Thatta, Sujawal and Badin to earn reasonable means of income on a consistent basis to better their conditions and thus the conditions of the generations to come. Top priority has been the flood affectees of Badin and Sujawal and every effort is being made continuously to rehabilitate them economically.

To the small landowners economically handicapped in cultivating their lands, high quality seeds according to seasons will be provided with other technical assistance so that they become capable once again to earn their own livelihoods independantly.

To the people capable of successfully rearing livestock and having sufficient space and know-how, will be provided technical information and livestock animals such as buffaloes, goats etc to get them started and create a sustainable, and steadily increasing source of income. They could sell milk in the local market for cash and also benefit from the number of heads increased  in breeding.

In order to achieve optimum, long term and sustainable results special training will further be given to in-house and field staff so that the goal of the whole project is understood and focused upon. The network of trainers and field staff will also be provided full information to spread verbal, written and visual awareness to continuously increase the number of potential beneficiaries, whether into the training and vocational centres or in associating with the small landowners for seeds and small-scale cattle farmers etc.

Chairperson of HOPE, Dr Mubina, a child specialist in Karachi will oversee the complete management and has accordingly instructed  the administrative staff of HOPE  in Badin and Sujawal. Chairperson of HOPE, Dr Mubina, a child specialist in Karachi, will be responsible for providing directives and instructions based on the master-plan worked out in  advance. And using its offices in Sujawal and Badin the administrative team will appropriately place each individual, both in-house and in the field to efficiently perform as per plan and requirement and at the same time give feed-backs on daily basis to rectify and amend any snags or hitches. This will ensure a smooth running of the whole project and will produce the best results.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Relief Efforts For Flood Affectees Of Punjab By HOPE & Continued Suport From Jaffar Public School

In keeping with its goals and traditions, HOPE, an NGO in Pakistan  already in preparation to distribute much needed ration and supplies to poor and needy families of Muzzafargarh, devasted in the recent floods and without any means of sustenanace. In this effort, HOPE a health oriented NGO in Pakistan  has been generously assisted by Jaffar Public School.

With HOPE’s formal school already in existence in Muzaffargarh, it will be in a better position to control and regulate the distribution of relief goods that will be brought in from Karachi. Jaffar Public School’s assistance has come in at a very appropriate time and will help greatly to further extend and strengthen the relief efforts. More people in need of assistance will be provided enough rations and supplies till the flood waters recede completely and they are fully rehabilitated.

HOPE’s chairperson, Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi  has always been the guiding force in organizing and implementing such relief activities with great success. Dr Mubina Agboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi  personally participates in the relief efforts and in this case too, she will travel all the way to the rural areas of Muzaffargarh to ensure the relief activity is carried with efficiency and maximum number of flood affectees are benefitted.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

HOPE Provides Assistance For Marriage To The Needy Of Rural Sindh

“The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” ― Mahatma Gandhi
Pakistan is a country where the disparity level between the lower middle class and the middle class is very high. Also, the population living below the poverty line is increasing day by day. We at HOPE, an educational NGO in Pakistan, have been working towards a variety of causes one of which is helping families living in squalor.

Recently, HOPE's team went to Thatta where they gave in-kind and in cash  donation to a girl called Mehar. She is a pretty girl of a lower middle class family. Her mother and father work hard for a living to sustain a family of eight individuals. Mehar is getting married within the next few days and being the eldest she was worried whether her parents will be able to bear the burden of her wedding expenses. HOPE managed to buy some essential items for her wedding and delivered them to her at home just two days before the ceremony took place. Mehar's parents were over the moon when they saw HOPE’s team bringing gifts for her which substantially relieved them and lessened their burden. Mehar’s parents thanked HOPE’s staff for being there with them at this hour of need.

Dr. MubinaAgboatwalla, child specialist in Karachi has been helping the needy for the past 18 years through HOPE, an NGO in Pakistan. HOPE an educational NGO inPakistan, is operating schools and hospitals all over Pakistan providing free of cost education and health facilities to the less fortunate of our country. She is of the opinion that each and every organization, companies, individual who have the capacity, whether monetary or in-kind, should come forward to help the underserved. It is the civil society which has a huge role to play in bringing prosperity to this country and we at HOPE, an NGO in Pakistan are striving hard to bring about a positive change towards achieving a better Pakistan.