Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spreading hope on mountains!

Mesmerizing snow capped mountains, fast flowing River Jhelum and Neelum, beautiful fruit trees and streams, all together make Kashmir a natural wonderland. But despite all this magnificence, the people of Kashmir are deprived of a lot of blessings of life. As the unemployment rate is very high in AJK, therefore, the underprivileged class can’t afford to send their children to school. However, with the passion to serve humanity, HOPE reaches out to all those who no one reaches out to and has established several schools on different mountains of Kashmir. These schools are giving free and quality education to the poor children who cannot even afford to have a sweater or a single pair of socks to prevent themselves from cold even in extreme weather.
HOPE’s team visits these schools and monitors the working on regular basis. The visits include distribution of various gift items such as schoolbags, lunch boxes, stationery items, sweaters, caps, and food items etc which encourage the children to be regular and make them feel loved. The team interacts with the students and teachers to learn more about them.
Presently, HOPE has 2 Formal and 28 Informal Schools in AJK. Some of the schools are till matric while others are Primary Schools. Altogether, there are 750 students enrolled in different HOPE Schools of AJK and 36 teachers employed who are educated community girls.  
HOPE is proud to be spreading hope and education even on the top of mountains where no other NGO or government organization is working to help the people in need!