Thursday, 28 November 2013

HOPE Opens Pehla Qadam Clinics

HOPE, a health NGO inPakistan, which runs under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla child specialist in Karachi, strives to achieve best possible ways to cater the health requirements of the deprived community in Pakistan. In its efforts to improve the health facilities, HOPE NGO in Pakistan has entered into collaboration with Pehla Qadam to treat patients with Club Foot through its network of hospitals in Karachi, Thatta, Sujawal and Hub.  Patient diagnosed with Club Foot will be treated free of charge in HOPE’s hospital in Soldier bazaar, which a secondary care facility and HOPE hospital Thatta. HOPE home schools and hospitals located in various slum areas in Karachi and Interior Sindh, will serve as platforms where mothers will be informed and educated about early diagnosis and treatment of club foot. Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla child specialist in Karachi particularly emphasizes on the importance of trainings in order to build the capacity of HOPE employees. Doctors of Pehla Qadam Clinics will be trained on Ponseti Method to treat club foot patients. 

Friday, 8 November 2013

Introducing Pakistan Sign language Visual Dictionary with HOPE's Formal School Students

Sharing knowledge is only difficult, when understanding student is beyond your reach… It has never been easy to teach young minds but the difficulty only arises when the teacher doesn’t understand child’s psychology, the problems he is dealing with, and the difficulties he faces while studying.  
A new study finds that skilled readers do not rely on sounds when reading but rather retrieve words purely from a "visual dictionary”. HOPE an NGO inPakistan, under the leadership of Chairperson Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla a childspecialist in Karachi, collaborated with Family Educational Services Foundation to carry out a workshop in its efforts to educate the young minds according to new trends and new studies. The workshop titled “Introduction to Pakistan Sign Language Visual Dictionary” was about teaching children comprehend different words through visual art. During this workshop teachers were trained and equipped with IEC materials to implement this type of teaching methodology.
Teaching methodology includes teaching students approximately twenty five new words every week, with the help of visual art. A schedule/planner is given to the teachers to carry out the review process.
To check the effectiveness of this teaching methodology, students of two classes are divided in two groups; a control group, where teaching methodology is the same as it was before and an experimental group, where the new teaching methodology is implemented. The module for implementing this experiment has been handed over to the teachers. The teachers are trained to comply with the experimental rules. So far they have been successful in implementing the given module. The students are also responding well to the new teaching mythology.  The experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of visual art teaching will be completed in a month and post intervention tests will be conducted after its completion.
These types of interventions are significant so as to understand the child psychology and their learning behavior. They prove to enhance the learning abilities of students and they also help to address the educational requirements of students.

, makes sure that its students get the best quality education by providing them new ways to learn and acquire best ways of gaining knowledge so that they can come at par with the privileged of this country. HOPE Pakistan realizes the fact that to become a successful citizen of this country, they will have to provide the best possible ways of educating the students so that they become productive citizens rather than a burden.