Monday, 31 December 2012

Training session on "Learning Process of Children" at HOPE School.

There are growing concerns that our government educational system is not adequately preparing the students to develop the knowledge they need to live and work successfully in today's complex society. And the underprivilged children who cannot afford to go to private schools wind up studying at government schools. But HOPE is providing them an opportunity to recieve free and quality education at HOPE Schools.

HOPE believes that there is a need for schools to provide opportunities for students to engage in activities that promote in-depth understanding, critical thinking, creative problem solving, and the ability to use knowledge in real-life settings. So that, even the students from underprivileged families can excel in today's fast moving world.

Taking this viewpoint along, HOPE conducted a training event at HOPE Formal School, Zia Colony, which was lead by Zoaib Mirza, Director at USA Adner School of Professional Psychology.

He gave a session on "learning process of children", where he explained and trained the teachers how to act as guides and advisors, building bridges between their students' individual interests and understandings and the common skills and knowledge society expects them to acquire.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Strategies used by HOPE Formal School to educate young minds

Sharing knowledge is only difficult, when understanding student is beyond your reach… It has never been easy to teach young minds but the difficulty only arises when the teacher doesn’t understand child’s psychology, the problems he is dealing with, and the difficulties he faces while studying, based on these issues, the HOPE Formal School had designed its strategies, which resulted in a 100% matriculation results.
The HOPE Formal School Karachi, which is run by HOPE, an educational based NGO is situated in a slum area of Zia Colony, Korangi, Karachi catering to the underprivileged children and teenagers living in this area. There are 800 students enrolled in this School, but the level of education which is giving to them is no less than any other private School.  It has only become possible, when the school management realized that in order to teach these young minds, they have to understand their family backgrounds, since some of the children were forced to be a child labor, as their parents were  not working anywhere, in this regard the  management decided to give their parents a job according to their knowledge and skills, so that the these folks could also pursue education since they don’t have to bare any expense of School uniforms or School books  and   very negligible amount or no fees are charged from few students. This strategy secures them from their underprivileged environment.
Counseling is done on regular basis, so that teachers   could understand the child psychology. This could help them in understanding  the student’s problems and motivate them to deal with it, this also helps the teacher to relate topics example according to the child Psychology. Extra time is given by the teacher to students who need it, so that students don’t need to take any help from external sources.
Topics are designed in a form of stories so that students could easily understand the topics and they don’t lose their interest. Furthermore, field trips are encouraged, as per required by the syllabus so that team work, self learning and confidence could be developed in students. Creativity is one of the factors that lead to self expression and this is why, HOPE Formal Students are always motivated to participate in such competitions.
It has also been made sure that a  very limited amount of  homework is given to the students, as normally, after school, young girls  have to do  the household chores and the boys are mostly engaged in part time jobs. Indeed, it is not easy to procure this school in a limited resources, but well managed strategies are leading it towards success!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Celebrating commitment and hope for a better world!

International Volunteers' Day is a chance for volunteer-involving organizations and individual volunteers to promote their contributions to development at local, national and international levels.
This Day was established by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly through Resolution 40/212 on 17 December 1985. Since then, governments, the UN system and civil society organizations have successfully joined volunteers around the world to celebrate the Day on 5 December.

On International Volunteer Day (IVD) , UNV celebrate their commitment and hope for a better world. The main focus of IVD 2012 was awareness of and recognition for volunteers and volunteer organizations. The purpose was  to recognise this commitment, to inform people about the impact of volunteering on peace and sustainable development, and to applaud volunteers for their dedication and impact.
 In this regard, the students of HOPE Formal School Karachi visited frère hall to be a part of UNV celebration. The program raised awareness amongst the students about the hazards of floods and the necessary precautions that should be taken during the flood. The program included a docudrama, and photography exhibititon, so that the young minds could relate the pictures and docudrama with reality.
There were about 50 students who were supervised by 3 teachers. These young minds showed a great level of discipline and enthusiasm in learning about the flood affected areas and how does it affect the life of people living there and how volunteers can help the people in need.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A visit to HOPE School, Muzaffargarh.

Recently, our team visited HOPE Semi-formal School in Muzaffargarh which has about 170 students enrolled and 8 teachers employed. The team was pleased to receive a warm welcome from the students. And the enthusiasm and discipline shown by the students were quite fascinating. It gives us immense pleasure to see such innocent souls growing in a learning environment which will be beneficial for their future and for the society as well. These students belong to the underprivileged families who cannot afford to send them to school, but HOPE stands by them. HOPE provides them quality education with free school bags, textbooks, stationery items, uniform etc. During the visit, the team also distributed sweaters among the students.

On the next day, the annual day function was also organized, for which, the students had prepared tableaus and skits. Their performances on stage brought out the hidden talent in them and it proved that these children from the underprivileged class have the ability to compete others and excel in life.

The prizes were distributed at the end of the function along with the “Teacher Of The Year” and “Student Of The Year” award followed by Briyani distribution among the students.  
Along with the formal education being provided to the students, there is also a vocational center which conducts sewing, cutting and embroidery classes for developing vocational skills in the women of the area.

HOPE Team keeps visiting its schools, hospitals and vocational centers for monitoring purpose across Pakistan, to ensure quality education and healthcare is provided to the people.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Safe Drinking Water - Conversion of PuR into P&G Purifier of Water.


Most poverty stricken communities in Pakistan have limited access to safe drinking water, resulting in various water-borne illnesses. Therefore, HOPE has been actively involved in providing access to safe water across the country to poor communities.

In June 2009, HOPE began its safe drinking water campaign in the slum areas of Karachi. The project included the distribution of a water-purifying agent known as PuR. This water-purifying agent comes in a sachet, and when mixed with dirty water, removes 99% of germs and bacteria, leaving the previously dirty water now drinkable. From June 1 to July 30, HOPE distributed 1.2 million sachets of PuR. Demonstrations were also held to show the community members how to use PuR and emphasize the importance of safe and clean drinking water to a person’s health. Buckets, coolers and spoons were also distributed to the families.

In 2010, when floods struck the country, millions of people were left homeless. With little or no access to safe drinking water, diseases such as diarrhea and gastroenteritis became rampant. Part of its relief efforts entailed provision of clean water. HOPE distributed PuR to 40,000 families—15,000 in Peshawar, 10,000 in Muzzafargarh, 10,000 in Sukker, and 5,000 in Thatta, along with buckets, coolers, spoons, and ICE material. Demonstrations were held and people were handed out brouchers, in order to ensure proper usage of the product. In total, 1.8 million sachets of PuR were distributed.

In 2011, HOPE joined hands with Procter & Gamble Campany Cincinnati, Ohio and signed a ditribution accord that gave HOPE the rights to distribute "P&G Water Purifier", a water purifying product to various international and local NGOs.

The product name has been changed from "PuR" to "P&G purifier of water".  The product is backed by P&G’s unmatched assets of extensive research, development and market goodwill, corresponded by HOPE’s wide-ranging field experience in coordinating disaster relief in Pakistan.

After the distribution agreement with P&G, HOPE has contacted more than 80 INGOs, donor agencies, community based groups and partners to distibute P&G Water Purifier for provision of safe drinking water in flood affected areas and distributed about 17 million P&G water purifier sachets various INGOs such as WHO, UNICEF, Save The Children, International Federation of Red Cross and International Medical Corps.

Moreover, HOPE distributed these sachets to an estimated 285.000 families in rain affected areas in Sindh in 2011 alone.

HOPE strives to provide access to safe drinking water to millions of poverty-stricken people accross Pakistan and takes it as its responsibility to help all those people in need.

Monday, 19 November 2012

HOPE Medical Camp At Sujawal

HOPE Pakistan arranged a free medical camp at Sujawal on 14th November, 2012. During this event around 200 patients were given treatment by professional medical practioners and doctors of HOPE Sujawal Hospital. Their efforts paid off as patients were cured from different virals and diseases. It was observed that among the patients skin infections and Asthma were very common due to the changes in weather. Therefore, this medical camp was much needed by the local community to solve their problems related to health and bring joy and HOPE into their lives.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ernst & Young's volunteers spent a day at HOPE School!

HOPE’s journey so far has been really incredible. It has grown from a band of street volunteers to a huge national network of schools, hospitals and vocational centers and during the journey, HOPE has continuously been getting support from all sectors and all ages of people.

Correspondingly, Ernst & Young’s employees and trainees ran a program at HOPE School to interact with the underprivileged children studying there. It was a fascinating initiative taken by Ernst & Young to break down the class barrier and engage the children in different activities with them.

Career counseling session was also a part of the program for grade 10 students. The program was head by Senior Associate HR, Ms Noreen Irshad. All the classes were equally assigned to all the trainees present there, who held interactive sessions in the classrooms with fun-filled activities. Some of the trainees also did face and hand painting which delighted the kids. Lunch boxes were also distributed to the students.

It created a friendly atmosphere in the school and students immensely enjoyed all the activities. This idea was to make the underprivileged children realize that they are not neglected, in fact, they are just like us and can excel in life if an enduring and pervasive value system is provided to them. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Qurbani 2012 - Support HOPE in reaching out more underprivileged people this Eid.

Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in the month of Zil Hajj, commemorating the great sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (pbuh). In this regard, some of the companions asked the Prophet (pbuh) regarding the significance of this sacrifice, the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have replied: “It is the Sunnah of your father, Abraham (pbuh)”. 

Therefore, HOPE aims to reach out to all those poor and needy who neither can afford to sacrifice an animal nor get to have meat throughout the year like the privileged ones. Eid-ul-Azha is less than a month away and we at HOPE are preparing hard to distribute Qurbani meat and donations to the underprivileged areas specially those which are affected by the flood across Pakistan. HOPE has an extensive network of hospitals and schools in rural Karachi, Thatta, Muzzaffargarh and AJK – areas in which extremely poor families reside, who do not even know where their next meal will come from. 

HOPE strives to have a society where individuals are aware of the basic rights and have equal opportunities to not only access health and educational facilities but to have all the privileges and blessings of life. In this regard, contributions from people all over Pakistan and outside Pakistan make our actions possible and we aim to reach as much poor people as we can.

Payments for Qurbani are:
·         Goat/sheep: 14,000/- (per person)
·         Full cow for seven (7 persons): 52,500/-
·         One person’s share in cow: 7,500/-
For an online donation visit our website:

Sunday, 7 October 2012


A clean environment is essential for human health and well-being. Therefore, HOPE not only strives to provide quality health care and education to the underprivileged but also pays special attention to environmental sanitation and solid waste management. HOPE has been running different campaigns to develop a cleaning habit in the informal settlements of Karachi. Other than that, twelve washrooms were constructed for the flood affectees at super highway, four water tanks for the availability of pure safe drinking water in the camps, PuR sachets were distributed to around 48,000 families. PuR is used to transform the contaminated water into pure water.

Purifying contaminated water by using PuR.
HOPE knows the significance of environmental health which is concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment that may affect human health. In this regard, HOPE in collaboration with the CBM Society of Health Managers organized a health and environment conference with the name "ECO-HEALTH 2012" at IoBM to highlight the implication of environment on public health in Pakistan.
Team HOPE at IoBM - Eco-Health 2012
This was yet another step by HOPE to create awareness regarding the impact of environment on our health. Different renowned doctors were invited to put the spotlight on environment related issues that are affecting human health. The event was a success and HOPE is glad to be a part of it.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Japanese join hands with HOPE Pakistan to keep hope afloat!

Hope is an imperative feeling to have, but more importantly to GIVE. Giving someone hope is like giving them a reason to live and not to give up. The greatest gift we can give someone is our own joy. Taking this perception along, HOPE tries to reach out to all those who no one reaches out to and aims to give them hope for a better life and a better future.
In this regard, HOPE Pakistan in collaboration with Japanese government built up a Formal School in Korangi, Karachi, which was inaugurated in 2006, targeting the underprivileged children of the community. Since then HOPE has been providing quality education to hundreds of poor children, making them capable enough to compete the world, lead a better life and be beneficial for the society. Currently, more than 750 students are enrolled in the school. 

HOPE considered upgrading and expanding the school to cater more underprivileged children so as to spread free education to as much children as it can. For that reason, Consulate General of Japan once again demonstrated its support and love for the Pakistani people and approved the project. Hence, a grant contract for the up-gradation was signed today by the Acting Consul General of Japan Mr. Masamichi Abe and the chairperson of HOPE Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla. This up-gradation includes new rooms, improved vocational center and availability of conveyance for the staff and students. Moreover, students will be able to go to field trips as well as visit other schools. 

The consul general Mr. Masamichi Abe not just signed the contract but also took a round of the school along with Mr. Yuki Ochiai (Vice Consul for Political & Economic Affairs) and interacted with the students. The Japanese delegation expressed immense gratification with the work done by HOPE so far and assured their support in the future as well. 

HOPE is pleased to be in a relationship with Japanese government in order to wipe out illiteracy from the country and spread hope where it is needed

Saturday, 15 September 2012

HOPE students all set for the World Space Week Competition!!

The United Nations General Assembly in 1999, declared 4 to 10 October “World Space Week” to celebrate the contribution of space science and technology to the betterment of the human condition.
World Space Week is observed in almost 89 countries around the globe with the objective to educate people about the benefits that they receive from space, excite young people about science and gather public support for space programs.

In this regard, SUPARCO is organizing a National Level Water Rocket Competition and a Poster Making Competition with the World Space Week (WSW) theme of 2012 "Friends in Space". This is the 3rd Annual National Water Rocket Competition organized by SUPARCO in 11 cities all over Pakistan.

HOPE formal school in Zia colony is also preparing its students for this upcoming competition. The main purpose of this competition is to polish artistic capabilities of students, and to sharpen their skills in craft work and to promote space awareness and interest among students.

For the Water Rocket Competition, a workshop was held on 12 September 2012 at SUPARCO to train the teachers about the competition. The HOPE School, Zia Colony, faculty also participated in the workshop. The faculties there were asked to make a water rocket. The HOPE School faculty followed all the instructions, showed their creativity and demonstrated their work which made it possible for the HOPE School's students to get selected in the competition.

In this competition, the schools are required to submit three posters painted by the students, aged between 8-11 years old on “Space Friends” by using mixed mediums such as oils paints, water colors, color pencils and computer drawing. Similarly, 11-15 years old students are participating in making of Water Rocket. Students will design Water Rockets meeting specific construction and launch criteria, which either hit the target or have a minimum ground distance from target and also have the most aerodynamic structure. Only one teacher will be part of the competing team, accompanying the students.

The practice of making of Water Rocket will be on 25thOctober 2012 at SUPARCO, Karachi, while, the posters will be submitted on 20th September 2012, and the craft work will be submitted on 4th October 2012 and on the same day, the date for the result ceremony will be announced. 

HOPE students are working very hard to win this competition. HOPE believes participating in different competitions will increase the students' confidence level. These students are from the underprivileged families and HOPE is providing them free education and equal opportunities for a better life ahead. HOPE aims to give them a ray of hope for a better future and to make them realize they are not any less than others who have all the facilities of life.

For this purpose, HOPE Schools have been actively participating in several on going activities to make their students courageous, confident and bold, so that they could compete with other students. HOPE believes these students will positively contribute for the betterment of society and make everyone proud of them.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Upgradation of HOPE School and Vocational Center, Zia Colony, Karachi.

Every day adds up a little more to life. With HOPE Pakistan, thousands of people in despair are getting privileges everyday, which helps them keeping their hopes alive. HOPE does not focus on only one aspect of life, in fact, it believes in integration and aims to provide quality education and health with vocational training to the underserved. HOPE's mission is to develop a society in which individuals are aware of their basic rights and are provided with equal opportunities to access health, educational and vocational facilities.

HOPE believes in educating the masses and providing them vocational training so that with education, they can also acquire skills to get better job opportunities. Taking this viewpoint along,  HOPE built a formal school in Zia Colony, Korangi, which was inaugurated in 2006, targeting the underprivileged children of the community. Since then HOPE has been providing quality education to hundreds of children, making them capable enough to compete the world, lead a better life and be beneficial for the society.  Therefore, HOPE deems upgradation a necessary step in order to keep up with the advance educational system. Though, it has been made sure that such up-gradation should not affect the fee structure (i.e. Rs. 60 per month) so that children belonging to underprivileged  families could continue their education. HOPE provides them with free uniform, texts-books, stationary and health facilities as well. Other than that, the vocational center has also been set up in Zia Colony which helps providing income generation activities.

HOPE’s project “Upgradation of HOPE School and Vocational Center, Zia colony, Karachi” has been approved by the government of Japan. This project will begin in September 2012 and it consists of building new rooms, improving vocational center and availability of conveyance for the staff and students. In this regard, 12 more rooms will be built. Students will be able to go to field trips and also they can visit to other schools. So that they could interact with other schools' students and avail the facilities offered by those schools, such as computer labs, Science labs etc. Currently 750 children are studying in the morning and evening shifts and through this project 250 more students will be able to get enrolled in HOPE Zia Colony School. 
Additionally, HOPE considers the safety of its school children as a primary concern. Therefore, in this regard, it will be made sure that children will not enter into the premises where the construction is taking place. Since majority of the construction will take place on the roof, therefore, that area will be cordoned off.

Hence, the project will not only be beneficial for the students of school but also for the boys and girls who are getting free vocational services. This project is a constructive step towards building an educated, healthy, skilled and self-aware society, which is the vision of HOPE!