Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Since its inception, HOPE- an education NGO in Pakistan has aimed at eradicating illiteracy from every nook and corner of Pakistan. HOPE has 180 Informal Schools functioning very successfully from which one of them is the Mujahid Colony Home School. It’s informal in that the classes are held not in purpose-built buildings but in the homes of the local communities.

HOPE facilitates and welcomes all visitors who show interest or work for the betterment of the society. One such visitor, also a member of the “After glow global” organization approached HOPE- an NGO in Pakistan. The representative’s name was Shireen and she had flown all the way from Dubai to distribute handmade delicate toys to the students of Mujahid colony Home School.

Ms. Shireen had a deep conversation with the students which made them feel loved and cared for. Shireen was kind enough to spend some quality time with the children of HOPE Pakistan and was a source of joy for the students.

30 students from Mujahid colony enjoyed her company and welcomed her whole heartedly.  The smiles on the innocent faces displayed how content they were with the visit and the toys were just an added bonus for them.

Children studying in these Home schools are beyond needy and poor. They cherish each moment because they only get very few of them. HOPE facilitates these students by giving free of cost education and organizing extracurricular activities for them.

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- a child specialist in Karachi encourages the visits of any such individual or organization who are seeking to help the underprivileged children studying in HOPE schools. 

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