Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Eid Al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and also well known as the festival of “Breaking the Fast”. Millions of Muslims around the world gather with their family and friends, attending morning prayers, giving donations to charity and having feasts together. HOPE- an NGO in Pakistan, with its promise to stand by with Pakistani citizens in any sort of need has once again depicted solidarity with the deprived children of our nation.

Eid is a joyous occasion for all the Muslims. The true essence of Eid can be accomplished through sharing happiness with deprived people. If people from poor class remain famished; the whole happiness of Eid will tarnish.

HOPE- an Educational NGO in Pakistan, after organizing iftar dinners at its formal schools and home schools, demonstrated the philanthropic spirit by distributing eid gifts among their student at Home schools in Kashmir.

Kashmir includes many districts some of which were targeted by HOPE for the distribution of clothes are as follows: Malsi, Parour, Habib dori, Dhani bakian, Banilangryal, Dakhna kar bani.


Their euphoric expressions at viewing those gifts and their feelings at being included in the festivities of Eid were extremely satisfying.

HOPE under the supervision of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- child specialist in Karachi will keep working hard to improve the living standard of the children and poor communities by fulfilling their basic rights and bringing smiles on their faces.

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