Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Representative of Japanese Embassy visits Muzafargarh school.

HOPE- an educational NGO in Pakistan, has been a forerunner in providing high quality education to every nook and corner of Pakistan including those remote areas where no schools exist. HOPE facilitates over 13,000 children all over Pakistan and also serves specific underserved children.

HOPE- a charity in Pakistan is always looking for opportunities to develop the society in whatever way possible. One of them is Government of Japan which had funded HOPE to establish a Formal School in Karachi and later for the expansion of school. Now the Japanese Embassy is looking into contributing to HOPE’s Muzaffargarh School by expanding it further and so asked for a detailed infrastructure report on the construction of the school.

Recently, a consultant of the Japanese embassy, Mr. Hatori, visited Muzaffargarh School to examine and observe the system of education there. He was content to see HOPE’s middle school which has been functioning for 7 years now, providing high quality education to both boys and girls. Muzaffargarh School educates nearly 400 children whilst most are orphans. Books provided are free of cost and extra-curricular activities are highly encouraged.

Mr. Hatori was stunned by the immense work being done in the field of women empowerment specifically in women vocational training areas.

The students and teachers welcomed the representative of the Japanese Embassy very warmly. Teachers were asked about the syllabus methodology, attendance, results etc. And the students were also randomly asked questions from their syllabus and those pertaining to recent happenings around the world.

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla- a child specialist in Karachi, facilitates and welcomes all such visitors who show interest or work for the betterment of the society.