Wednesday, 27 September 2017


HOPE –an NGO in Pakistan, profusely contributing to the society’s well being under the
guidance of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla – a child specialist in Karachi. HOPE is addressing various
social issues and has been successful in overcoming most of them namely opening schools in
Kashmir and KPK, providing health care services in the remote areas, running successful
vocational centers in the slum areas and other such programs and schemes.

HOPE prioritizes health and education above all, which can be seen through its numerous
Maternal and Child Health Centers as well as hospitals. The HOPE network extends from Karachi
in the South to Thatta, Dadu and the mountains of Kashmir. Apart from Pakistan, HOPE is also
situated in UAE, UK and USA.

Recently, HOPE-a charity in Pakistan participated in a social development expo held
by the students of NED university of Engineering and Technology, as a part of their final project
for the course of “Theory and management of organization work”. The objective of this project
was to gain practical approach towards the organizational structure, their management
policies, human resources management and their business level strategies to understand how
the organizations run and develop.

These students researched on a number of projects and visited HOPE’s office, taking further
interest in hope’s struggles to eradicate social issues. They displayed pictures and posters as a
part of their assignment.

Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla facilitates and solicits all such projects which can be a learning
opportunity for students. It was a privilege for HOPE to be a part of such an expo where other
reputed names such as ENGRO, UNILEVER and ARIF HABIB GROUP were also taking part.