Tuesday, 30 October 2018

HOPE Zia School Students Participated in National Quiz Competition 2018 Organized by AFAQ Leader’s Club

AFAQ Leaders’ Club offers various activities with innovative ideas that involves and inspires the children and youth of all ages to participate and develop their skills. The club organized Pakistan’s first Three Dimensional Interactive National Quiz Competition under the theme “THE GENIUS (I TOUCH, I SOLVE)” to discover the intellect of students by introducing Science, Mathematics and General Knowledge challenges in a knowledgeable, fun and exciting way. Schools from all over Pakistan participated in this event. The event was held at the Sindh Boy Scouts Association Auditorium in the second last week of October, 2018.   

HOPE-an Educational NGO in Pakistan has been providing quality education to the underprivileged children through its Zia Colony School in Karachi since 2002. It makes every opportunity available at hand to boost the confidence and increase cognitive and physical abilities of their students. AFAQ Leader’s Club has given them the chance to participate in nationwide quiz competition to test their knowledge in different areas of study. Zia School students were enthusiastic to become part of this quiz. National Quiz Competition 2018 was a great opportunity to showcase students’ talent.

Given the opportunity to participate in a national level event, HOPE Zia Colony School students seemed very happy. They tried their best to prepare for the competition with the help of their teachers. Out of three categories of science, mathematics and general knowledge; general knowledge was chosen for the competition. From secondary section three students of class 9th were selected to participate in the competition. Registration fees and other expenses were covered by HOPE school under the patron ship of Dr.Mubina Agboatwalla - a child specialist in Karachi who always encourages co-curricular and extracurricular activities among the students. These activities play important role in increasing students’ self esteem.

Students who participate in such co-curricular activities develop higher academic results, better relationships at school, and are more likely to lead healthy, active lifestyles when they leave school.  They also feel a greater sense of belonging and have a higher self esteem at school when they participate in structured sporting, performing arts and other activities. In addition, the co-curricular opportunities help create more motivated and engaged group of students, which leads to a happier and more cohesive school and society at large. Students who perform co-curricular activities in schools, help them sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, participation and sense of belongingness through different activities like debates, recitation, creative art competitions, quiz competitions, group discussions etc. HOPE-an NGO in Pakistan through its network of formal and informal schools has been creating educational opportunities for otherwise neglected children of our society, by exposing them to new dimensions of academic learning.

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