Wednesday, 6 June 2018


The last Ashra of Ramadan is right around the corner and as time passes people are getting themselves more and more involved in such welfare activities by which they can win the pleasure of Allah. HOPE-a charitable NGO in Pakistan, aims to make a lasting and positive impact on the lives of less fortunate people. HOPE is a forerunner when it comes to reaching out to those in need especially in this holy month of Ramadan.

Like every year, HOPE stepped forward to distribute iftar boxes in the slum areas. The arrangements for the distribution of iftar boxes were made at schools of Bhittiabad, Mujahid , Bilal Colony , Link Road and Zia Colony which are run by HOPE.Each box comprises of fresh and tempting edible items which, when received, light up the innocent faces of the children. Students were very pleased to have such an amazing iftar.  Dr Mubina Agboatwalla –a child specialist in Karachi, who is known for her philanthropist work, takes pride to help people. HOPE’s volunteers are growing by each passing year, helping and making sure no one goes home empty handed.

It was a much disciplined activity – spreading joy and smiles on the faces of all the students and their teachers who were also personally overseeing the whole occasion.

During the entire month of Ramadan, HOPE- an NGO in Pakistan carries out not one but several such activities including distribution of rations and ‘Eid gifts, clothing, biryani and food boxes. The overwhelming deeds along with the tireless efforts of HOPE, have always been worth admiring. The acknowledgement and appreciation of our work boosts up our team’s motivation level committing them to put in even greater effort in doing so.

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