Tuesday, 13 March 2018

City School Pays a Visit to HOPE Formal School- Zia Colony

HOPE-an NGO in Pakistan, has been active in Pakistan since 1997, working in the health and education sector of Pakistan. The organization is spearheaded by the dynamic leadership of Dr. Mubina Agboatwalla-child specialist in Karachi and continuously strives to improve the health and educational disparity of the deprived community in the country.HOPE has been a token of selflessness since its inception. A school along with a hospital, being one of their kinds has been set up in Zia Colony Karachi.

HOPE- an educational NGO in Pakistan is currently operating three formal schools in Pakistan, one of them being HOPE’s Zia Colony School. Zia colony school is successfully educating more than 500 students each year with 150 new entrants and welcomes any other institute willing to extend a helping hand. 150 Students enrolled in grade 5 of City School PAF Chapter visited HOPE Zia colony along with 15 teachers.

The students of HOPE school as well as City school opened the event by preparing 2 separate skits. Overjoyed and ecstatic faces rose to appreciate one another as a token of appreciation. Later on students of HOPE school were distributed gifts which was overwhelming for them in unfathomable ways.

One of the students of City School PAF Chapter, named Sulaiman, also played the piano which added a cherry on the top. Students enjoyed the melodious and soothing tunes and sung songs while playing the piano.

All students and teachers were then apportioned lunch boxes and everyone went home with a smiling face which depicted their satisfaction. Students of HOPE School were thrilled to see such bright faces of City School giving them hope to follow through in their footsteps.

The HOPE team facilitates any such activity which can be done in collaboration with any other institute in order to bring joy to the underserved population of Pakistan. The students of City School have always assisted HOPE Pakistan in innumerable ways. HOPE team is always on a lookout for opportunities where their students can be recognized and their efforts can be rewarded.

The acknowledgement and appreciation of our work energizes the team with motivation to put in even greater effort in doing so. HOPE team strives to achieve a greater success rate in the education care sector by the expansion of HOPE school which is fully equipped with all necessary educational facilities.