Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Providing Clean Drinking Water through P&G Purifier of Water

The United Nations considers universal access to clean water a basic human right, and an essential step towards improving living standards worldwide. Water-poor communities are typically economically poor as well, their residents trapped in an ongoing cycle of poverty. Keeping this in mind, HOPE a Health NGO in Pakistan in collaboration with Procter & Gamble is making clean water accessible by distributing P&G Purifier of Water sachets to the door steps of poor families.

HOPE - an NGO in Pakistan, has assigned a team specifically for this project who visit different slum areas of Karachi three days a week and distribute water purifying kits and sachets along with the demonstration on how to use it correctly. The team visits 15 families in a day and 45 families per week. The target is to cater 1000 families in 8 months. Each family is provided a purifying kit that consists of:
·         Cooler
·         Bucket
·         Muslin Cloth
·         Spatula
·         120 sachets
This week team HOPE visited the area of Gadap where clean drinking water is not easily accessible. Hence, the team gave a demonstration to 15 families and provided them the purifying kits that consisted of above mentioned items.

Under the leadership of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla – child specialist in Karachi and chairperson of HOPE – an NGO in Pakistan,a monitoring sheet has also been prepared. On completion of one month, the team re-visits the families that they have visited in that month and monitors their health situation as well as the water they are using.

The aim is to benefit the community while making clean water accessible for all, hence, reducing the morbidities especially among children. In addition, this will also provide opportunity to improve standards of living while improving health status.