Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Iftar at Thatta School

Thatta, with its destiny quivered and with its faith solaced has had its fair share of bad draughts. However, there’s always a silver lining in a dark cloud. In Thatta’s case, that silver lining is HOPE – an NGO in Pakistan.  HOPE has been a token of selflessness since its inception. A school along with a hospital, being one of their kinds has been set up in Thatta. Thatta always, being under-privileged and idyllic in nature is now on the route to advancement because of the noble work done by HOPE and its donors.

While arranging Iftar dinners for various HOPE schools, the school in Thatta was not forgotten and an Iftar party was also arranged there. The evening was filled with ecstasy. An approximate of 270 people were present, which included a hefty number of children and women. These people were none other than the beneficiaries of the magnanimity of HOPE.

The Iftar party was organised under the surveillance of Dr Mubina Agboatwalla - a Karachi child specialist and chairperson of HOPE - an NGO in Pakistan.

At the stroke of the Maghreb Azaan, as the children, who are enrolled in Thatta Formal School, started their iftar in an enchanted manner, the joy on the faces of the HOPE helpers was priceless. What for most of us is a routine iftar, turned out to be a festival for them. The delight on the faces of those children proved that they are extremely happy with Iftar arranged by HOPE. The iftar dinner was followed by distribution of Eid clothes which further increased their happiness and excitement. The children were really eager to receive the Eid clothes as they belong to the families who can hardly afford new clothes for any occasion. Eventually, the evening had to come to an end and finally it did. But what came out of it, “their happiness” which was priceless. What were before iftar, scrawny faces with eyes sucked deep into their sockets, were now faces filled with ecstasy and complacency.  And all of this has to be credited to HOPE and its donors. It was that moment that no matter how life treats you, no matter how many times people let you down, there will always be someone like HOPE to help you back up.